Senior .NET Developer

Do you want to work on software for users of Highly Automated Robotic Systems? Can you design and build systems that bring the agricultural sector forward by improving the quality of life for Livestock?


€ 65000

Senior (5+ jaar ervaring)

Our client has been at the fore-front of agricultural innovation for the past 85 years. Specifically the client we serve is the R&D body of a global agricultural technology-player. They currently focus on their Automated-Milking-Robot. It’s their goal to make the biggest leaps forward they can in the space of milking technology. The R&D group consists of 20 people. They build their embedded systems and management software in Houten while the mechanical engineering is done in the UK. You will be part of the software development team in Houten. They have a very down-to-earth atmosphere at the office and work from a mindset of really getting things done.
In it’s 85 year’s of existence, our client always built milking solutions for innovation in the agricultural domain. The product you will work on is their milking robot that needs no hands-on attention from the farmer to milk cows. Everything from guiding the cows to the right machines, hooking up-, and milking the cows, to checking the milk for quality and safety. This robot is operational throughout their global client portfolio. They build the embedded systems in C/C++ and Microsoft Embedded (C#). What you will work on is the management system. This is built in .NET Core, with MS SQL-Server and some databases are hosted in Azure. Next to that they manage their production with Azure DevOps Services. The mobile apps are built using Xamarin Forms.
Last year the R&D group decided to rebuild the entire management system of the automated milking robot. To make this happen they are expanding their software development team. This team will consist of 4 Senior .NET Developers and will operate next to the embedded development team which has 4 engineers. The projects are all lead by a Technical Project Management. You will build the system that notifies a farmer during operations. For instance when a cow hasn’t been milked for a couple of days he gets a notification. Also he can see how much milk is collected, health checks, and functionalities around herd management. You will build the required business logic services as well as database models. Next to this you get the chance to set up a complete new architecture for their mobile and windows applications in combination with Azure Services.
Profile of the Senior .NET Developer
  • You have a University-level working-, and analytical capabilities
  • You have more than 5 years of professional experience as a software engineer
  • You have proven experience with .NET Core, C#, MS SQL Server
  • You have demonstrable experience with Azure DevOps, UWP, SignalR
  • Familiarity with Xamarin Forms is a plus
  • You are intrinsically motivated to experiment with new technologies
  • You can be pragmatic to produce a working POC
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and get things done 
  • Between € 3.500 - € 5.000 gross monthly salary based on skills, expertise and fulltime (40 hours a week)
  • 8% holiday allowance (of gross annual salary)
  • Six month employment contract with the intention to extend it afterwards
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home in consultation
  • 25 Holidays
  • Travel reimbursement 0,19 ct./km 
  • The opportunity to work in a dynamic and innovative environment
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