Senior C++ Developer

Are you interested in low latency software and cryptocurrency markets? Would you like to work on automated trading systems with top tier Quantitative Analysts & Software Engineers?


€ 70000

Senior (5+ jaar ervaring)

Two friends, both with multiple years of experience in finance, trading and software development saw the upcoming interest and potential of the cryptocurrency market. They started two years ago in Barcelona with an idea, which rapidly grew to be a successful and promising company. The cryptocurrency market never closes, which allows them to trade 24/7. In order to do so, they designed, developed and implemented an automated trading system with trading strategies built in algorithms. Their mission is to build the smartest trading strategies executed by the fastest systems they can build. Next to their crypto trading-activities, they work on highly advanced payment infrastructures based on blockchain technologies. All of this exciting work takes place in their office in Amsterdam overlooking ‘het Ij’. They are with 10 highly skilled and talented Software Engineers and Quantitative Analysts.
All trading in this firm is done automatically by automated trading systems. Quantitative Analysts and Software Engineers work closely together to design trading strategies and develop the algorithms to build into their automated trading infrastructure. You will be responsible for developing the algorithms in python and implementing them in the existing trading infrastructure. In the coming months and years these markets will mature. This means to stay head of the curve, these automated trading systems need to become faster and faster. In the near term you will need to develop ultra-low latency systems with incredible levels of optimization. In this phase you will start developing the algorithms in C++. Don’t worry if you have no experience in the crypto markets. You will be extensively trained through inhouse bootcamps, so if you’ve wanted to get into cryptocurrencies, this is your chance.

They are looking for engineers that are incredibly strong problem solvers, abstract thinkers and above all expert coders. Developers who worked on software with very tight hardware restrictions – like simulation software or games – will have familiarity with the appropriate challenges. You should have a strong background in C++ with the flexibility to use python for the short term future. The development team consist of three Python Developers, three Quantitative Analyst and you. As with any trading firm you can expect Systems that support research for strategy design. Systems that gather data, combine, structure and visualizes it so you can test your strategies. Secondly, they have order handling systems. These are systems with extreme availability and low latency requirements that analyse current market conditions and running the trading strategies in line with market activity. Because the company is in an early development phase, it is possible to work on a wide variety of technical challenges backed by leadership with far reaching (technical) ambitions.
The profile of a Senior C++ Developer:
• You have at least 4 years of professional experience
• You have extensive experience with C++
• You have worked with Python
• You always had an eye for performance optimization
• You comprehend complex domains quickly
• Willingness to commit long-term

• Up to €5.500,00 gross per month, based on knowledge and experience
• Extension bonus after first contract
• Performance based bonus
• 25 holidays
• Laptop (Linux)
• Fixed working station
• Great learning school
• Inhouse library and ‘zen-room’
• Lunch provided
• Gym membership
• Drinks on Friday, dinners with the company
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