Senior Software Engineer

Are you interested in financial markets, cryptography and exchanges? Would you like to design and build an exchange-platform where all large institutional investors will trade their assets?


€ 70000

Senior (5+ jaar ervaring)

After returning from a 15-year research and engineering adventure in the United States, the founder of this start-up was approached by a former research acquaintance. Right at this moment, the founder was looking for his next project as an entrepreneur. This research associate got him talking to pension funds and brokers. The problem became apparent and the project was born. Large institutional investors often need to trade large blocks of stocks. Regardless of the effect their trading has on the price – they will keep trading until they ditch the required block of stocks. Market makers see this, and leverage their speed and thereby hurting pension funds and other large institutional investors. The goals of the company is to design and build a trading infrastructure that counters this effect. Currently they are with a team of 2 backend engineers, a founder and a great office manager. They are a start-up, lead from a down-to-earth perspective, without micro-management and a healthy outlook on a work-, life balance.
After talking to institutional investors and brokers the problem became apparent and they started designing and developing a solution. To this end they use a very specific cryptographical approach which will be built into the product by a Danish partner. At first they will deliver a dressed-down version of the exchange to a broker as a first client. After this they will strive to build a full-fledged exchange that is capable of avoiding any price-seepage for large institutional investors. Additionally, it will be a transaction-fee-based exchange to avoid any of the crooked pay-for-information-schemes regular exchange tend to adopt these days. The cryptography is built using Core Java and the platform using GO and VueJS.
Since they landed their first client they need to expand the engineering team with 2 very strong back-end engineers. You are expected to have a great eye for detail and appreciate well-designed, simple and maintainable systems and well-tested code. This client is merely looking for good engineers, the specific languages/tools you’ve used aren’t don’t matter. You are expected to have acquired fluency is multiple languages – just so we know adapting to new technologies is not going to be a problem. If you can design stable and fast systems for a highly complex domain, this is surely the challenge for you. You get to work in a team of truly talented engineers with a passion for their craft. If you bring the same attitude to your work, you will feel very at home here. Additionally, you get to work with a seasoned entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge and connections to the table.
The profile of a Senior Software Engineer:
• You have at least 8 years of professional experience
• You have extensive experience with multiple programming languages (C++, Java, C#, Python)
• Knowledge and experience with Go is a plus
• Familiarity with Cryptography protocols is a big plus
• A (relevant) background in finance or experience with exchanges are a huge plus
• You always give emphasis tot clean, testable code
• You comprehend complex domains quickly
• Willingness to commit long-term

• Up to €6.200,00 gross per month, based on knowledge and experience
• Stock options
• 25 holidays
• Laptop (Macbook)
• Flexible working hours
• Educational budget in consultation
• Working from home incidentally
• Output driven organisation
• Flat organisational structure
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